Need a quick replacement? ... I can

Jump In

If you need someone to jump in and contribute quickly, either short- or long-term, for research, requirements, analysis, prototyping, stakeholder engagement, testing or program management, I can put a lot of experience to work for you. I am always ready to leap into a new challenge.

Everyone busy?    I can help you...

Get Started

If you need to get a project up and running until your team can get up to full strength, I can help. If your project is stalled, I can get it moving.

Wanna brainstorm?    I can help ...

Chart a Course

Sometimes an outside perspective prompts new ideas about how to proceed. Once a course is set, if you need someone to pre-emptively locate and demolish obstructions, or track down and eliminate delay-inducing problems, I take a lot of pleasure in doing both.

Ramping up quickly?     I can help ...


In cross-company projects, it sometimes happens that tech groups who have not worked together previously may take a while to work to the same cadence.

I'm the tech whisperer. I'll get them sync'd up.

Ready?     I can help ...


I have successfully led the development and rollout of critical FinTech systems.

When the time comes to deliver, I can assist your team with their planning, review, coordination and monitoring. I can support your problem-, crisis-, and fallback-management.