Consultant  ·  Entrepreneur  ·  VP of Development  ·  Development Manager  ·  Program Manager  ·  Analyst  ·  Architect  ·  Software Engineer  ·  Technical Writer


Led Development, Designed and Developed Systems for:   Forex Trading  ·  Forex Trade Processing  ·  Forex Trade Matching  ·  Equities Electronic Trading  ·  Fixed Income Trading  ·  Fixed Income Analysis  ·  Derivatives Analysis  ·  Enterprise Resource Planning  ·  Web Commerce  ·  Market Data Collection and Distribution  ·  Message Switching  ·  Learning Management Systems  ·  Voice Recognition  ·  Credit Card Processing  ·  Digital Video

Skills & Knowledge

Project Delivery  ·  Software Design and Development  ·  Program and Project Management  ·  Vendor Management  ·  Relationship Management  ·  Product Evaluation  ·  Vendor Evaluation  ·  Resource Planning  ·  Budgeting  ·  Contract Negotiation  ·  Systems Analysis  ·  Business Analysis  ·  Technology Integration  ·  Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Applications & Tools
As Manager

Luminex, Two-Four, Bloomberg TOMS, Lighstreamer, FIX, KDB, Oracle, SQL-Server, Tomcat, Siteminder, TIBCO, MQ, Blackboard

As Manager and Developer

SWIFT(the network), Splunk, Moodle, Linux, Windows Server Resource Analysis

"Power" User

Excel, Word, Project, PowerPoint, Visio, MS-Office, Sharepoint, Access, OmniGraffle, Jira, UNIX, MacOS, Windows

Applications & Tools
Significant Development Experience or Familiarity

Python, PERL, C, PHP, Fixed-Income and Equity Derivative calculations, NewtonScript, CAKE, YACC, LEX, ECL, PASCAL, BLISS, LISP, Assembler

Modest Development Experience or Familiarity

PyTorch, Keras, ONNX, CoreML, Blockchain, TCP-IP, Javascript, UML, Agile, AJAX, KDB, Applescript, SQL, MySQL, Swift(the language), Bootstrap, jQuery, SSH, XML, HTML, Visual Basic, Java, Coldfusion, H.264, FORTRAN


A.B. Physics, Harvard; Worked in London, Brussels, San Juan, Frankfurt and Geneva; Basic conversational German; Enjoy Skiing, Hiking, Stadium Running;