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Trading Systems

Developed and delivered Forex and Fixed-Income Systems for Fidelity Capital Markets. A principal manager for the development and rollout of Luminex's Equities Brokerage System.   These were significant programs spanning multiple business and technology groups. Responsible for stakeholder engagement, planning, analysis, design, development, integration, testing, delivery, server acquisition, vendor management, staff, resource planning and budget.



European Center for Nuclear Research

Helped analyze, design and evaluate products for CORTEX, a proposed a real-time control system architecture for high- energy particle detectors. Mentored team on software design approaches.

Historical Note: As part of our review of products, we were briefed by Tim-Berners Lee on his prototype for a distributed network-linked hypertext architecture called world-wide-web (www). While it looked promising, we were uncertain how quickly and widely it would be adopted ...


Consulted to the CIO of InTouch, a pioneering mobile phone-based "voice command" startup.

Designed and developed financial applications for the Apple Newton, including proprietary algorithms to enable real-time fixed-income calculations and esoteric (for the era) PIK and STEP bonds.

Co-founded start-up for regional banking systems.


Software Litigation

LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae

Non-testifying expert for a major ERP software litigation. Advised legal team on technology. Oversaw technical discovery.