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If you need someone to jump in and contribute quickly, either short- or long-term, for research, requirements, analysis, prototyping, stakeholder engagement, testing or program management, I can put a lot of experience to work for you. I am always ready for a new challenge.


Ramping up quickly?  ...  I can help you


In cross-company projects, it sometimes happens that business and tech groups who have not worked together previously may take a while to find a common cadence. I'm the tech enabler. I am an experienced, field-tested facilitator for geek-to-suit, suit-to-geek, and geek-to-geek collaboration.


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Start Up

If you need to get a project up and running until your team can get up to full strength, I can help. If your project is stalled, I can get it moving.


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Chart Your Course

Sometimes an outside perspective prompts new ideas about how to proceed. Once a course is set, if you need someone to pre-emptively locate and demolish obstructions, or track down and eliminate delay-inducing problems, I take a lot of pleasure in doing both.


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I have successfully led the development and rollout of critical FinTech systems. When the time comes to deliver, I can assist your team with their planning, review, coordination and monitoring. I can support your problem-, crisis-, and fallback-management.



I have worked on a variety of applications. Below are a few examples.   Click here for my full work history. »

Trading Systems

Developed and delivered Forex and Fixed-Income Systems for Fidelity Capital Markets. A principal manager for the development and rollout of Luminex's Equities Brokerage System.   These were significant programs spanning multiple business and technology groups. Responsible for stakeholder engagement, planning, analysis, design, development, integration, testing, delivery, server acquisition, vendor management, staff, resource planning and budget.



European Center for Nuclear Research

Helped analyze, design and evaluate products for CORTEX, a proposed a real-time control system architecture for high- energy particle detectors. Mentored team on software design approaches.



Consulted to the CIO of InTouch, a pioneering mobile phone-based "voice command" startup.

Designed and developed financial applications for the Apple Newton, including proprietary algorithms to enable real-time fixed-income calculations and esoteric (for the era) PIK and STEP bonds.

Co-founded start-up for regional banking systems.


Software Litigation

LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae

Non-testifying expert for a major ERP software litigation. Advised legal team on technology. Oversaw technical discovery.




Consultant · Entrepreneur · Researcher · VP of Development · Development Manager · Program Manager · Analyst · Architect · Software Engineer



Led Development, Designed and Developed Systems for: Forex Trading · Forex Trade Processing · Forex Trade Matching · Equities Electronic Trading · Fixed Income Trading · Fixed Income Analysis · Derivatives Analysis · Enterprise Resource Planning · Web Commerce · Market Data Collection and Distribution · Message Switching  · Learning Management Systems · Credit Card Processing

Skills & Knowledge

Technology Integration · Program and Project Management · Software Design and Development · Project Delivery · Vendor Management · Relationship Management ·  Product Evaluation · Vendor Evaluation · Resource Planning · Budgeting · Contract Negotiation · Systems Analysis · Business Analysis · Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Applications & Tools

As Manager

Luminex, Two-Four, Bloomberg Lighstreamer,TOMS, FIX, KDB, Oracle, SQL-Server, Tomcat, Siteminder, TIBCO, MQ

As Manager and Developer

SWIFT(the network), Splunk, Moodle, Linux, Windows Server Resource Analysis

Power User

Excel, Word, Project, PowerPoint, Visio, MS-Office, Sharepoint, Access, OmniGraffle, Jira, UNIX, MacOS, Windows

Applications & Tools

Significant Development Experience or Familiarity

Python, PERL, C, PHP, Fixed-Income and Equity Derivative calculations, NewtonScript, CAKE, PASCAL, LISP, Assembler

Modest Development Experience or Familiarity

PyTorch, Keras, ONNX, CoreML, Bootstrap, Blockchain, Javascript, Agile, Applescript, TCP-IP, UML, AJAX, KDB, SQL, Swift(the language), jQuery, Visual Basic, Java, Coldfusion

Harvard, International, Other

Harvard B.A. Physics, Varsity Crew. Worked in London, Brussels, San Juan, Frankfurt and Geneva. Basic conversational German. Ski, hike and run stadiums. Fond of mountains.



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Machine-Learning Mobile Apps  (2018–present)

MCS Associates

Independent research and prototyping for meal recognition and diet assessment apps on mobile devices using Python, Fastai(Pytorch), ONNX, CoreML, Keras, iOS, XCode and Swift.

Fidelity Institutional Technology   (2007, 2009–2017)

Program Manager for Equity, Forex and Fixed-Income Trading Systems Development

Directed large development projects spanning multiple business and technology groups. Responsible for stakeholder engagement, planning, analysis, design, development, integration, testing, delivery, server acquisition, vendor management, staff, resource planning and budget.

  • LUMINEX (2014–2017)

    Took on multiple roles for LUMINEX (, a $30M, 50+ participant, 3+ year project to create an advanced block trading exchange for buy-side firms. Luminex Trading launched at the end of 2016.

    • Coordinated program-wide development, integration, testing and deployment
    • Worked closely with business team, information security, finance and compliance to keep the project on track
    • Expedited delivery by kick-starting cross-team development and fostering inter-team communication
    • Identified, analyzed and resolved end-to-end integration issues.
    • Proactively identified and remediated shortfalls in performance test planning and execution
  • FOREX - Major System Upgrade (2013)

    Successfully delivered major upgrade to the Two-Four trading system. Led development team and engagement with two dozen technical and business stakeholders.

    Designed and built automated test environment for SWIFT payment processing. Managed technical issues with vendor. Discovered significant vendor mis-configuration problems, led remediation effort directly.

    This upgrade and other development for 2011–2013 was audited and received a rare "no issues" finding.

  • Program and Development Manager for Integration of Stock Plan Services with Capital Markets (2011–2012)

    Added $5M to Fidelity revenue by reviving, re-architecting and delivering cross-company integration of Stock Plan Services with Fidelity Capital Markets. Set direction, coordinated efforts and managed budget for over 20 technology groups. The CIO gave this project his "High-Five" award.

    Led Forex development and directed over two-dozen tech stakeholders spanning Fidelity Institutional, Workplace Investing, and Enterprise. Architected the overall design, resolved open end-to-end technical issues that were blocking progress and engaged additional tech groups as the scope increased.

  • FOREX - Replaced Trading Platform (2010–2011)

    Technology Manager for the replacement of the previous trading system with Two-Four. This significant replacement was deployed with no operational losses and no business impacts.

    Led acquisition and deployment of new hardware, analysis and development to revise internal feeds and interfaces. Coordinated with vendor, business, and approximately twenty Forex data suppliers and consumers.

    Led internal work for data conversion, testing, validation, recovery planning, cutover and post-deployment monitoring.

    Point person for technology reviews conducted prior to launch by Fidelity Trading Systems Group, Institutional, and Enterprise.

  • FIXED INCOME (2007, 2009–2010)

    Directed development for the Bond Analytics Tool, an application that integrated internal data, market data, order entry, portfolio tools, analytics and reporting to provide a single integrated application to Fidelity Specialists for working with Customers.

    Headed major upgrade to the Bloomberg Trade and Order Management System(TOMS).

Educators Publishing Systems  (2008–2010)

Consultant to CIO for Learning Management Systems Evaluation

Evaluation of Learning Management Systems and the standards SCORM and SIF. Requirements Analysis, RFP and Vendor evaluations. Analysis and Prototyping for porting EPS products to Moodle and other LMS. Technology used or reviewed: Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, SCORM, SIF, FLASH/FLEX, Coldfusion

MCS Associates  (2000–2006)

Equity & Options Trading ; Technology Research; Application Development

Investing and trading for my own account. Short-term trading using equity option strategies. Research and prototyping of intra-day price forecasting models. Developed Excel-framed option analysis programs using PERL, JavaScript, Java (NetBeans IDE) and Visual Basic.

(Note: This period overlaps with other consulting work shown below)

LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, LLP (2003–2004)

Technology Expert for ERP Litigation

Non-testifying technology expert for major ERP software litigation; reported to Senior Partner.

Briefed senior partners on database and network technology; project management, SDLC and QA processes. Prepared, advised and supported attorneys for depositions. Drafted technical sections of legal documents. Prepared analysis and presentations for clients. Reviewed, evaluated and managed disposition of technical discovery documents.

Discovered that opposing party was withholding key emails and documents.

Harvard, CERN, Intouch Systems, Citicorp, Bell Atlantic

More History

CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research)

Analysis, design and product evaluation for CORTEX, a real-time control system architecture for high-energy particle detectors. Mentored staff in analysis and software application design techniques. Co-authored drafts of research papers.

Intouch Systems  

Program Manager for Voice Recognition Development

Program manager for the implementation of InTouch's phone-based voice-recognition agent ("InFlection"). This was adopted by Sprint and became Sprint PCS's "Voice Command". Reported to President.

Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages

Consultant to CIO

Project and vendor management, systems integration, analysis, design and development; troubleshooter for CIO. Projects: web-based Yellow Pages service "Big Yellow", Directory Services for Europe and China. Managed developers from MCS Associates, Bell Atlantic and external vendor. Reported to the CIO.

CitiCorp, Global Treasury Services

Vice President, Director of European Development

Responsible for multiple European projects, as well as technical and operational support for European sites. Directed the implementation of the MIDAS trading system for the German Free Brokers. Delivered on time and on budget. Responsible for five direct and 25 indirect staff in three countries.

Harvard University B.A., Physics

One of a two-person team implementing the experimental language "ECL" (similar to ALGOL). Varsity Crew.


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