MCSA Tech Solutions
MCSA Technology Solutions provides systems, services and advice to diverse clients operating in varied business environments: brokerage, startups, banking, mutual funds, research institutions, law firms, educational software and telecoms.


Adept at evaluating, analyzing and applying technology in the service of business need, MCSA combines business focus with technical expertise to give you a powerful advantage in putting software and hardware to use.
  • Product Development and Deployment
  • Program and Project Management
  • Custom Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • Process and Data Modeling
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Quality Assurance


With over thirty years of experience in the analysis, design and development of large software applications and the management of technology, you can rely on comprehensive and incisive thinking from MCSA. We have built and advised on systems for a broad spectrum of industries.
  • Trading Systems
  • Fixed Income Analysis
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Technology Litigation
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Web Commerce
  • Unified Messaging and Voice Recognition
  • Control Systems
  • Message Switching